Server Time:
Total Accounts 442
Total Characters 428
Total Guilds 19
Game Masters 6
Name Lvl
babtist 243
prev1ew 262
Warg 395
4 RedHead 376
5 EnjoyLife 400
Name Score Master
97d99i 0 EnjoyLife
ADMINS 0 GameMaster
AdyKas 0 ObiWan
4 AnTiPyC9 0 AnTIPyCH9
5 ASSA 0 PrincessDL
Blood Castle
Start In 25m 59s

Devil Square
Start In 01h 55m 59s

Illusion Temple
Start In 21h 15m 59s

Chaos Castle
Start In 55m 59s

Castle Deep
Start In 19h 55m 59s

Happy Hour
Start In 20h 55m 59s

Start In 3d 22h 55m 59s

Skeleton King
Start In 02h 45m 59s

Red Dragon
Start In 01h 05m 59s

White Wizard
Start In 41m 59s

Pouch of Blessing
Start In 11h 42m 59s

Lunar Rabbit
Start In 12h 42m 59s

Fire Flame Ghost
Start In 13h 42m 59s

Start In 23h 10m 59s

Golden Invasion
Start In 01h 07m 59s

Great Golden Dragon
Start In 14h 40m 59s

Moss Merchant
Start In 10h 55m 59s

Illusions of Kundun 1
Start In 01h 29m 59s

Illusions of Kundun 2
Start In 03h 29m 59s

Illusions of Kundun 3
Start In 01h 29m 59s

Illusions of Kundun 4
Start In 05h 29m 59s

Illusions of Kundun 5
Start In 07h 29m 59s

Illusions of Kundun 6
Start In 09h 29m 59s

Kundun [Kalima 7]
Start In 22h 25m 59s

Zaikan [Tarkan 2]
Start In 02h 50m 59s

Putin Huylo [Lorencia]
Start In 18h 11m 59s

Golden Dark Knight [Dungeon]
Start In 02h 18m 59s

Golden Devil [LostTower]
Start In 02h 18m 59s

Golden Stone Golem [Aida]
Start In 02h 18m 59s

Golden Rabbit [Tarkan]
Start In 02h 18m 59s

Kill Marauder
Start In 23h 18m 59s

Team vs Team
Start In 21h 25m 59s

Lord Silvester
Start In 45m 59s

Lord of Ferea
Start In 01h 45m 59s


Skype Discord YouTube TikTok
Max Stats: 32767
DL CMD Stats: 32767
Server: Season 3 Exclusive
Points Per Level: 5/7
Server Exp: x35
Item Drop: 25%
Zen Drop: 10%

Excellent Scroll of Meteorite
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private server

private server
private server

private server

private server

Ukrainian server opening 04/23/2022

Ukrainian server opening 04/23/2022


News for 19.09.2022

Friends, we decided to diversify our server and make Season 3 even more exclusive, so we decided to add some goodies.
We also listen to our players and try to do everything in our power to improve and stability the gameplay.

All new players will be given Pet Panda, Ring Panda, Small Wings, Premium 3 Day for 3 days.

09/19/2022 (Update for x35 ~ x500 servers)
Added new maps Acheron, Ubaid, Alkmaar, Debenter, Uruk Montain, Ferea;
Added new boss monsters to new maps;
Added zen drop to new maps;
Added a drop to the Lord of Ferea ~ Lord Silvester bosses (the drop will be changed soon);
Balanced new monsters;
Fixed Quest ~ 128, 131, 139;
Added the ability to upgrade Master Exp on new maps;
Condor Flame in (CryWolf, Balgass Barrack, Balgass Refuge) increased by 50%;
Skull fallen warrior in (Arena, Raklion) increased by 20%;
Added Skull fallen warrior drop to maps (Ferea, Uruk Montain);
Added the item and its drop Garuda Flame to (Ubaid, Alkmaar, Debenter);

Added Wings 4 Level: (A mix for them will appear on the info page soon).

Heavenly Wings;
Avatar Wings;
Orb Wings;
Fall Wings;
Control Cloak.

Added item Garuda Feather (its mix will appear on the info page soon).
Added items Lower Magic Stone, Medium Magic Stone (description and its drop will appear on the info page soon).

Added new Set's: (their description will appear soon on the info page).
Storm Wing Set;
Dark Devil Set;
sticky set;
Light Lord Set;
Hell Knight Set;
Magic Knight Set;
Ambition Set;
Bloodangel Set;
Darkangel Set;
Holy Angel Set;
Awakening Set;
frost set;
Silver Set.

Added New Weapons: (their description will appear soon on the info page).
Sonic Blade;
Cyclone Sword;
Blast Breaker;
Bloodangel Sword;
Bloodangel Magic Sword;
Blessed Sword of Archangel;
Darkangel Sword;
Darkangel Magic Sword;
Holyangel Sword;
Holyangel Magic Sword;
Awakening Sword;
Awakening Magic Sword;
Frost Sword;
Frost Magic Sword;
Horn Of Steel;
Mace of King;
Blood Angel Scepter;
Blessed Scepter of Archangel;
Dark Angel Scepter
Holyangel Scepter;
Awakening Scepter;
Frost Scepter;
Magma Spear;
Angelic Bow;
Devil Crossbow;
BloodAngel Bow;
Dark Angel Bow;
Blessed Crossbow of Archangel;
Holyangel Bow;
Awakening Bow;
Frost Bow;
Mirace Staff;
Spite Staff;
Blood Angel Staff;
Blessed Staff of Archangel;
Dark Angel Staff;
Holyangel Staff;
Awakening Staff;
Frost staff.

Added New Shield: (their description will appear soon on the info page).
Lazy Wind Shield;
Dark Devil Shield;
Light Lord Shield;
Magic Knight Shield;
Ambition Shield.

IMPORTANT! And many other things have been changed or fixed, we are waiting for more information on the server from you, every critical bug or something like that will be rewarded with bonuses!

They themselves run, but others are not allowed.
The passport was handed over, but he - no.
Collaborators to the border jump,
I also want to go far.

But the Russians are unlikely to miss.
For fools, rush is locked again.
If they called a dynyryvka a load,
Then stay in your box.

Well, fight! This is a sacred thing.
You were very happy about this war.
And Russia has a lot of "merits":
Grab someone else's and quickly run away.
(c) Yagalina

2022-09-19 19:55


Friends at this time it simply does not make sense to talk about stability, but we will try our best to make our server stable and bring you pleasure.

On 08/27/2022, we can confidently say that the server is working well, a lot of work has been done, below in the news you can see the whole scope of work, listened to the advice of the players, added all sorts of goodies to diversify the gameplay. After opening the server, as the majority of admins, we will not stop working on the server, and we will introduce even more interesting things, we also ask everyone who is interested in the development of the server to write suggestions for improving the game, we will do everything that can be implemented on this server platform with great pleasure.

The server will be opened on September 3, 2022 at 20:00 Kyiv time.
The current client will be available on September 1, 2022 at 18:00 Kyiv time.
The closing of the obt is scheduled for September 2, 2022 at 15:00 Kyiv time.
Unfortunately, we will need to completely clean up the database for good server performance in the future, the cleanup will occur after the Open Beta test is closed.

Clan transition;
Tell us about us;
Worthy to be the first;
Newsletter on Skype;

And so a little about the game:
➤ Season 3 Exclusive
➤ Exp: x35 [Premium x40];
➤ Drop: 20% [Premium 25%];
➤ Master Exp: x10 [Premium x15];
➤ Master LvL max: 300;
➤ Max level: 400;
➤ Maximum number of resets: 50;
➤ Grand reset with: 50 resets;
➤ Maximum number of stats in 1 characteristic: 32767;
➤ Maximum number in a party: 5;
➤ Max Grand Reset : 50;
➤ Reliable protection against all kinds of cheats and dupes;
➤ Available to receive bonuses through voting for the server;
➤ Spots for 6 monsters;
➤ Monster respawn 6 seconds;
➤ Fixed a bug for the sale of Wings (Zen);
➤ We guarantee stable server operation 24/7/365;
➤ Timely update of the server and site!

Unique reset system;
Unique grand reset system;
List of useful commands;
Clicker in the game;
WCoins in a game way;
Party search system;
Sell post items;
Making new jewels;
Mix Skull Fallen Warrior;
Happy hour;
Golden Archer;
Skeleton King;
Moss Merchant;
[NEW]Putin Huylo;
[NEW]Event Muun;
[NEW] Loot Jewels;
[NEW] Big spots;
[NEW] Kill a marauder;
Drop zen by cards;
Display spots on the mini map;
Event timer in the game;
Premium account;
Convenient forge in the game;
Offline trading in the game;
Pet Egg;
Team vs Team System;
Karutan (Noob Town);
Skull Fallen Warrior;
More information can be found on our Information page.

Small update:
Fixed 3dcam zoom when scroll chatbox;
Recoded game settings panel, to avoid visual bugs;
Recoded custom interface interaction, now if you press Esc button, custom windows are close;
Fixed donateshop WCoinC, WCoinP, WCoinP sell;
Fixed shop wrong price;
Fixed donateshop item refund block if you have max zen (2kkk);
Added helper run to mouse middle button;
Changed BuffInfo icons size;
Fixed PartySearch max party users;
Fixed custom wings excellent;
Fixed quest system on any map.

We hope that every muonline gamer will like our work.

Mi - Ukrainians. We are not small.
Only Moskal is a stone from the sky to ask
Yak vdyachnist for the boundless "kindness,
For the breadth and for the holy people,
Love to the neighbor." Chi is the fault
What am I Ukrainian! And not shmatok line.
I don't want to portray anyone
That word is not just a quote from a song.
Under the sounds of vibukhiv I shout, but I do not whisper -
We will overcome! Bo mi є Ukrainians!
(с)Khaletov Nikolay

2022-08-27 16:45

Server update completed

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