Server Time:
Total Accounts 1415
Total Characters 1560
Total Guilds 46
Game Masters 3
Players Online 160
Name Lvl RR GR
HenpoxoquM 400 45 3
Bayraktar 400 20 3
Moon 400 16 3
4 karrma 396 15 3
5 ps1x 400 14 3
Name Score Master
123456 0 Kriola
ACES 0 Ap6y3
aFFFk 0 Astahl
4 AlterEGO 0 HeHaBuCTb
5 AssA 0 AMYR
Blood Castle
Start In 36m 36s

Devil Square
Start In 01h 06m 36s

Illusion Temple
Start In 12h 26m 36s

Chaos Castle
Start In 06m 36s

Castle Deep
Start In 11h 06m 36s

Happy Hour
Start In 12h 06m 36s

Start In 14h 06m 36s

Skeleton King
Start In 01h 56m 36s

Red Dragon
Start In 16m 36s

White Wizard
Start In 01h 52m 36s

Pouch of Blessing
Start In 02h 53m 36s

Lunar Rabbit
Start In 03h 53m 36s

Fire Flame Ghost
Start In 04h 53m 36s

Start In 14h 21m 36s

Golden Invasion
Start In 18m 36s

Great Golden Dragon
Start In 05h 51m 36s

Moss Merchant
Start In 02h 06m 36s

Illusions of Kundun 1
Start In 40m 36s

Illusions of Kundun 2
Start In 02h 40m 36s

Illusions of Kundun 3
Start In 04h 40m 36s

Illusions of Kundun 4
Start In 04h 40m 36s

Illusions of Kundun 5
Start In 10h 40m 36s

Illusions of Kundun 6
Start In 40m 36s

Kundun [Kalima 7]
Start In 13h 36m 36s

Zaikan [Tarkan 2]
Start In 01m 36s

Putin Huylo [Lorencia]
Start In 09h 22m 36s

Golden Dark Knight [Dungeon]
Start In 01h 29m 36s

Golden Devil [LostTower]
Start In 01h 29m 36s

Golden Stone Golem [Aida]
Start In 01h 29m 36s

Golden Rabbit [Tarkan]
Start In 01h 29m 36s

Kill Marauder
Start In 14h 29m 36s

Skype Discord YouTube TikTok
Max Stats: 32767
DL CMD Stats: 32767
Server: Season 3 Exclusive
Points Per Level: 5/7
Server Exp: x35
Item Drop: 25%
Zen Drop: 10%
Lochs Feather
Excellent [2rd] Wings of Darkness
Lochs Feather
Lochs Feather
Lochs Feather
private server
private server

private server
private server

private server

private server

Ukrainian server opening 04/23/2022

Ukrainian server opening 04/23/2022


News from 14.05.2022

Hi friends, yes, yes, friends, during this time we have already managed to make friends =) And so the constant heading of news and corrections of our server.

We are doing the best we can:
- Fixed display on Grand Vipe Staff - Kundum Staff option increases wizardry;
- We decided to add Dynamic Expirience Grand Reset to the game, that is, now with each grand reset you will have less exp,
0 - 1 GR = 35 Exp;
1 - 2 GR = 30 Exp;
2 - 3 GR = 25 Exp;
3 - 4 GR = 20 Exp;
4 - 5 GR = 15 Exp;
5 - 6 GR = 10 Exp;
6 - 50 GR = 5 Exp;
This is done so that beginners have a chance to catch up with the tops.
- Added rewards for passing resets, for 1 reset you get 5 WCoin (C), 10 WCoin (P), 20 Goblin Point, (except for those resets for which things are given);
- Changed the settings on the Reset SkillTree website;
- Changed the Clean Inventory setting on the site;
- Added Reset Character Stats function to the site;
- Added a class change system in the game (important, the character becomes lvl 1, 1st Quest);
- Set up rewards for the Lucky Coin task (information will be on the Guides page);
- Filled Smithe;
- Set up a drop from Gold Box, Silver Box;
- Reduced drop box by 10%:
Star of Christmas, Firecracker, Heart of Love, Silver Medal, Gold Medal, Box of Heaven, Blue Heart, Red Ribbon Box, Sealed Silver Box, Sealed Golden Box.
- Increased drop by 10% Lucky Coin, Rena;
- Reduced the drop by 20% Splinter of Armor, Bless of Guardian, Claw of Beast;
- Reduced the drop by 20% Dark Horse Soul, Dark Spirit Soul;
- Reduced Jewels drop by 10% on special Mining Spots;
- Reduced the drop of Gemston by 10%;
- Reduced the run-up radius of monsters on spots.

Marie, I fell in an open field

Marie, I fell in an open field
Fell forever, in the days of war
Fought here, forgetting about the pain
All Mariupol sons

Marie, thanks for the kids
You got it hard
Thank you Poland and Europe
That sheltered them easily

I will be with you, I will be forever
Peace over you to guard
And if necessary, I will click again
From heaven, to help, our army

(c) Akim Vagai

2022-05-14 20:05

News from 10.05.2022

Good afternoon, he is really kind today, finally I can resume work on the server in full scale, I never thought that there would be problems with the Internet,
Well, everything is over, I will try to do what I can on the server, I hope our developer will meet us and we will have more features and functionality, as well as fewer flaws in the game itself.

IMPORTANT! Do not use your Lucky Coins yet, we are fixing the drop for them.

And so, a few corrections for today:
- Completely reconfigured the market on the site;
- A blocking system has been added to the market, you will not be able to sell things to yourself, punishable by blocking your account;
- Added the ability to trade on the market for several currencies or stones at once (there will be amendments);
- Fixed a problem with pets hp, their quick breakage, as well as all items (requires a test);
- Fixed issue with Pet Egg disappearing;
- Added a list of things in offafk for offline auto-selection;
- Fixed problem with Bronze Helm;
- Reduced the price of options in the Forge;
- Added 3rd Wings to the forge;
- Globally changed X-Shop;
- A lot of little things have been done ....

Of course, this is not a huge list, but it means that we have fewer and fewer problems, which means the server is more stable and interesting, the administration really asks you to write suggestions in PM, we will listen to everyone, and what we can do will be done! All good and good mood.

Occupant (Crippled Fates)
The rain is vile and prickly, like heartburn.
Iron bit into the ground like a magnet.
There is no one alive in the broken tanks
and a bunch of corpses are rubbish.

Not a day, not two ... weeks.
Dogs pull the body apart.
Missing Russian soldiers
broadcasts the officer on the news.

They are no longer people for the army,
but the material worked out in battle.
And if you"re lucky, they"ll burn you without preludes,
so that the dogs do not become prey.

Or maybe they were not given birth by women?
Howling is not heard. Christian mother
I owe my own child for a long time
search the entire planet in a panic.

Don"t send your sons to the slaughter
don"t make children killers.
At least once hear the cry of the same
like you heartbroken mothers.

The rain drums on the broken armor,
and trembles on the earth poured.
Buried people will write with chalk,
here lies the nameless occupier.

(c) Nakhodka

2022-05-10 21:03

News from 02.05.2022

Hello friends, for a long time there was no news on the site for a reason, the server becomes more and more interesting every day, and our players notice fewer errors and shortcomings, which means the server becomes more stable and better, thanks to all those who are not indifferent for reporting errors and we fix them .
We try to work every day, but there is not always enough time to write down about the work done, we have more information in our discord.

And so, the 8th day of the project went, every day new players come to us, in order to attract even more people, we introduced small bonuses!

Pleasant bonuses for new server players:
From today, a simplified system of resets works, the first reset from level 370, the second from level 380, the third from level 390, 4~50 from level 400;
Upon registration, beginners are given 200 WCoin(C) and one day of Premium Max;
When creating a character, a beginner is given a Muun Pet for 1 day.

Fixed level display on 3rd wings;
As promised, the Forge (Smithe) was added to the game - .
Fixed Bow / Crossbow drop with skill;
Added drop information from bosses;
Set up a drop from Dark Elf, Baglass, Nightmare;
Removed from the game Jewel of Ancient, in order to value Ancient things;
In the future, we will set it up in such a way that it would throw itself at certain things, and make an antient out of them, and we also want to make its drop unique.
Increased Wings 1~2 cooking %;
Changed, fixed problems with Skills for characters;
Changed visual bug with Golden Archer;
Fixed Bow / Crossbow drop with skill;
Decreased the drop in Skull fallen warrior Arena by 25%.
And a lot of small work has been done during this time ...

When the war is over...
When the war ends
The day of joy will come
The country won the victory over the enemy,
For Ukraine, for Freedom, there is a place of pride in the soul!

Every family will be reunited,
Wives, children, mothers will return,
History in evacuation own,
Children were kept - thanks to the Mother of God!

We remember those who were taken
We mourn and pray for them,
And let our souls not wither,
When will we live without them.

And we will live freely, peacefully,
And also continue to flourish
I will not tire of repeating dotted-
They will never break the Great Nation!!!

(c) Sadovskaya Irina

2022-05-02 11:52

News from 24.04.2022

Dear players, we are very glad that our server is gaining momentum, more and more players come to us, which means we have made a really interesting project.
The most important thing is that it continues to be so.

Some Bonus Promotions:
Passing Guilds;
Tell us about us;
Worthy to be the first;
Newsletter in Skype.

Work done in the afternoon:
Added drop information from bosses;
Set up a drop from Dark Elf, Baglass, Nightmare;
Removed from the game Jewel of Ancient, in order to value Ancient things;
In the future, we will set it up in such a way that it would throw itself at certain things, and make an antient out of them, and we also want to make its drop unique.
Increased Wings 1~2 cooking %;
Added information about the Blood Castle event;
Added information about the Devil Square event;
Added information about the Illusion Temple event;
We did a lot of small work on the drop that was not indicated in the description, as well as on the server as a whole.

During the blackout
The stars are especially bright.
Pulls, wearing sneakers,
White, the most easily soiledGo out to meet anxiety
And yell at the siren.
Where are you weary gods?
It"s time for the APU to change!
My heart is torn
The pain of my Ukraine.
Like cities blown up -
Our wrinkles with you.
Do not erase them, do not remove them,
They are in Ukrainian souls.
Our children grow up with them,
Their children - listen to fairy tales.

Elizabeth Katrich

2022-04-24 19:27

News from 24.04.2022

Friends, Chrestos is Risen, on this difficult but wonderful day, I want to congratulate you on the holiday.

Let luck go ahead
Gives the world only bright colors,
Let nothing stand in the way
On the bright holiday of the divine Easter!

During the holidays, we want to increase exp by 20%.

We also want to congratulate all of us on the opening of the server, we have been moving towards this for a long time, and finally we have arrived, online is not big because it is not drawn like on other servers, we hope everyone will appreciate our project and online will grow.

Changes that came before the opening:
Added more information about Skull Fallen Warrior;
Made a detailed description of Premium Account;
Decreased the run radius of monsters on the spot;
Changed drops from Kalima 1 ~ 6 bosses, now they give WCoins;
Guys, things that are given for a reset fall under your feet, please be careful;
Added description of Master Skill Tree;
Added level 380 to sets;
Added a donation system to PayPal;
Added information about the Scroll~Orb~Scream drop to the Guides page;
Set up Event Timer in the game;
Increased Golden invasion bosses:
Tantallos ~ 3;
Golden Lizard King ~ 3;
Great Golden Dragon ~ 3;
Golden Titan ~ 3;
Golden Derkon ~ 3;
Golden Goblin ~ 3;
Golden Goblin ~ 3;
Golden Budge Dragon ~ 3;
We added a daily entry limit to BC, DC, by doing this we give beginners a chance to catch up with the top.

deadly genie,
Leaving the sleeve, carries
Piece of metal...
Whose desire is he
Did you undertake to execute? Shot...

2022-04-24 09:13

Opening April 23 at 20:00 Kyiv time

Friends at this time, it simply does not make sense to talk about stability, but we will try our best to make our server stable and bring you pleasure.
On 04/17/2022, we can say with confidence that the server is working well, we have done a great job, listened to the players" advice, added all sorts of goodies to diversify the gameplay. After the server is opened, as the majority of admins, we will not stop working on the server, and we will introduce even more interesting things, we also ask everyone who is interested in the development of the server to write suggestions for improving the game, we will do everything that can be implemented on this server platform with great pleasure.

The server will be opened on April 23, 2022 at 20:00 Kyiv time.
The current client will be available on April 22, 2022 at 18:00 Kyiv time.
The closing of the obt is scheduled for April 22, 2022 at 15:00 Kyiv time.
Unfortunately, we will need to completely clean up the database for good server performance in the future, the cleanup will occur after the Open Beta test is closed.

Clan transition;

And so a little about the game:
➤ Season 3 Exclusive
➤ Exp: x35 [Premium x40];
➤ Drop: 20% [Premium 25%];
➤ Master Exp: x10 [Premium x15];
➤ Master LvL max: 300;
➤ Max level: 400;
➤ Maximum number of resets: 250;
➤ Grand reset with: 250 resets;
➤ Maximum number of stats in 1 characteristic: 32767;
➤ Maximum number in a party: 5;
➤ Max Grand Reset : 50;
➤ Reliable protection against all kinds of cheats and dupes;
➤ Available to receive bonuses through voting for the server;
➤ Spots for 6 monsters;
➤ Fixed a bug for the sale of Wings (Zen);
➤ We guarantee stable server operation 24/7/365;
➤ Timely update of the server and site!

Unique reset system;
Unique grand reset system;
List of useful commands;
Clicker in the game;
WCoins in a game way;
Party search system;
Sell post items;
Ranking in the game;
Jewels bank in the game;
Making new jewels;
Mix Skull Fallen Warrior;
Happy hour;
Golden Archer;
Skeleton King;
Moss Merchant;
[NEW]Putin Huylo;
[NEW]Event Muun;
[NEW] Loot Jewels;
[NEW] Big spots;
[NEW] Kill a marauder;
Drop zen by cards;
More information can be found on our Information page.

We hope that every muonline gamer will like our work.


Mi - Ukrainians. We are not small.
Only Moskal is a stone from the sky to ask
Yak vdyachnist for the boundless "kindness,
For the breadth and for the holy people,
Love to the neighbor." Chi is the fault
What am I Ukrainian! And not shmatok line.
I don"t want to portray anyone
That word is not just a quote from a song.
Under the sounds of vibukhiv I shout, but I do not whisper -
We will overcome! Bo mi є Ukrainians!

Khaletov Nikolay

2022-04-17 13:47

News from 16.04.2022

And so, the next update of fixes, dorobotok. Today (04/16/2022), less and less people write about problems on the server or shortcomings, this cannot but rejoice, we are very pleased to see that our work is appreciated.

What they did:
Condor Flame - increased drop by 100%, it drops in CryWolf~Barrack;
[High]BC Box - Revised the drop, now all kinds of Ore jewels fall from it;
Added Kundun invasion [Kalima 7], also a drop on it;
Added Zaikan invasion [Tarkan 2], also a drop on it;
Fixed the display of things on the ground and in the inventory;
Configured the Grand Reset System information is already on our Guides page;
Added voting in your personal account;
Fixed the display of requirements for passing the 3rd Quest;
Changed kits of antiant things, since most of the kits were not relevant, we cut them out, information on ancient kits can be found on the Guides page;
Added a boss in Lorencia - Putin, there will be a nice drop from him, description on the page;
Set up rewards for bosses and events;
Set up a drop from Firecracker;
Changed the interface a little;
We replenish information about the server in ;
Added on the site youtube, skype, tiktok;
DL"s Move Summon has been fixed;
Added an interesting muun pets system to me, info on our Guides page;
Removed additional stats for command from DL;
Set up Dark Horse Soul ~ Dark Spirit Soul drop;
Stone drop increased by 25%;
Adjusted the brew% of Devil Square, Dinorant, Fruit, Blood Castle, Wings 1,2,3 lvl, Pet Mix, Piece of Horn, Broken Horn, Horn of Fenrir, Illusion Temple, Feather of Condor;
Set up /post command;
They built a sinking in Kalima;
And many other tweaks that didn"t make the list....

A big request to vote for our server.
Preliminary opening date 23.04.2022 at 20:00 Kyiv time.

No matter how hard you try to yell
Not a word about a big war
But the whole thing dragged on
And Ukraine is on fire

The east burns in the south perish
Rockets with bombs are flying
And dead neighbors lie
The Russian "grad" did not give them a chance

Already for a hundred dead children
Ruins in many cities
And people are like caravans
Fleeing from the war in the eyes of their fear

Smokes in the fields, soldiers lie
On the form of tricolor flags
And there are a lot of burned people in the tank
But what do we care about other people"s sons

What is Ukraine for
When for all your years
Unlike your neighbor
Not in whose borders did not enter

And though trouble, people rallied
You and I became a bender
And even a grandmother from Azov
She said: Putin is fucked!

Author: Vladimir Yarosh

2022-04-16 12:51

News from 09.04.2022

This morning started very nicely, people are starting to actively write, suggest where there are mistakes or shortcomings, we are very pleased that the project attracts people!
We listen to you, and from the very morning, full of emotions, we started setting up the server, as always, we report to you about the work done.

What was done:
Fixed fog issues on all maps;
Fixed the work of the 3D camera;
Added spots to Kalima 1,2,3,4,5,6,7;
Added spot markers to the mini-map in Kalima 1,2,3,4,5,6,7;
Increased experience gained per level by 10% in Blood Castle, Devil Square events;
Lowered Jewel of Guardian drop in Kalima 7;
Added Skull fallen warrior to the drop, info will be on the guides page;
Fixed the problem with dressing things on the character, it was such that some things were not dressed because of the inconsistency of the characteristics on it, everything was checked and fixed;
Added spots to the Arena;
Fixed the Durability function on all weapons and armors;
Set up the Red Ribbon Box drop box, and the drop itself from it;
Set up a drop from Event - Illusion Temple;
Set up Event Golden Archer;
Added up-to-date info to page;
Increased the drop of jewels by 30% in all maps;
Drop Event Atlans was added - we decided to drop Jewels all over the Atlans 1~2~3 map, since it"s easy and boring in the city, the test event will take place every 20 minutes;
We set up Offline Mode (Off Exp), you can put the character in offline pumping and exit the game, so while you go about your business, the character will be in the game;
Master lvl is available for leveling in Blood Castle 8, Barrack, Kalima 7, Kanturu Relic, Land of Trials;
Set up Master Skill, exp: 10, max level 300;
Increased the durability of pets for Dark Lord;
Increased the drop of Loch"s Feather, Monarch"s Crest by 50%, they drop in Icarus, from 78 to 100 level monsters;
Adjusted sharpening with Soul, Life, Harmony stones;
Removed the division of zen for the entire party;
Set up Elf Buffer;
Set up Guild (creation, alliance, etc.);

IMPORTANT! - up-to-date information about the reset system, it will be available from tonight after 20:00 Kyiv time, in order to see all the relevant things you will need to download a new client at 20:00.
But these are not all the changes, it just doesn’t make sense to write everything down, we continue to work on the server and improve it, we are waiting for more and more new people with us!

ACTUALLY! Recruitment is also ongoing:
game masters;
People who can finance;
A fundraiser for the development of the project is open, namely advertising, if anyone wants to help, write to pm, discord or telegram! Thanks

The life of the cinema spun suddenly
but only the red light filter remained,
and the director, smiling slyly,
made a freeze-frame, scoundrel, tried.

Waiting room, children"s faces.
People are frozen. Ridiculous poses...
The time will come for the executioners to pay -
your "byarozes" will wash themselves with blood.

2022-04-09 19:21

News from 06.04.2022

Good day Dear guests and players of our server, we do not stop working on the server, I hope you see it.
The site has our contacts (Discord/Telegram), please, if you find any problems, write to us, or you have suggestions for the server.
Work is ongoing and we will keep you updated.

A little about what they did:
During the test period Exp: 9999, and zen drop increased;
Set up all Shop"s in the game;
Set up Moss Merchant;
Closed the passages in the cards which are not;
Changed the distribution of spots;
Changed the distribution of spots ~ mobs on the mini-map;
Made MuHelper from level 10;
Made things from level 380 work with level 1;
Made wing work with 1 level;
Set up Quest 2rd;
Set up Quest 3rd;
Reduced the drop of new Scroll ~ Orb by 27%;
Reduced Scroll ~ Orb drop by 37%;
Reduced drop box by 27%;
Added to the drop - Armor of Guardsman;
Completely redone the drop from all bosses;
Completely redone the drop from all Events;
A lot of minor work has been done on the client and server.....

Recruitment is also ongoing:
game masters;
People who can finance.

The damned "Russian world" at the bottom
Fenced off from everyone by a wall
He awards holes in the back of the head
And ties his hands behind his back

He "denazifies" hospitals
And tries to set us all free
And his executioners, hiding their faces
Hurry "victorious retreat"

He rejoices in murder and torture
Which holds in his honor
He breaks a lot of gates
And robs everywhere where he managed to crawl

He"s the opposite of freedom
His foundations are deceitful and black
He earned hate for years
For 30 days of flaming spring

© Blind Creator

2022-04-06 20:47

News from 05.04.2022

Friends, for today there is already an up-to-date list of work done, we will try to update every day and inform you about the work done.
Every day the list will be smaller and smaller, it will only mean one thing, we are getting closer to our goal!

Drop set up:
Jewel of Bless, Soul, Chaos, Life, Creation, Guardian, Gemstone;

Orb of Twisting Slash, Scroll of FireBurst, Scroll of Evil Spirit, Healing Orb, Orb of Greater Fortitude,
Orb of Greater Damage, Orb of Summoning, Summon Stone Golem, Crystal of Multi-Shot, Crystal of Recovery,
Crystal of Destruction, Crystal of Flame Strike, Scroll of Gigantic Storm, Scroll of Chaotic Diseier,
Fire Scream, Summon, Scroll of Ice Storm, Scroll of Decay, Scroll of Wizardry Enhance;

Loch"s Feather, Monarch"s Crest, Condor Flame;

Event item:
Scroll of Archangel, Blood Bone, Devil"s Eye, Devil"s Key, Old Scroll, Illusion Sorcerer Covenant, Symbol of Kundun, Moonstone Pendant;

Pets, and parts for their cooking:
Imp, Guardian Angel, Splinter of Armor, Bless of Guardian, Claw of Beast, Spirit of Dark Horse, Spirit of Dark Spirit;

Star of Christmas, Firecracker, Heart of Love, Silver Medal, Gold Medal, Box of Heaven, Blue Heart, Pumpkin of Luck;

Divine Sword of Archangel, Divine Scepter of Archangel, Divine Crossbow of Archangel, Divine Staff of Archangel,
Bone Blade, Explosion Blade, Soleil Sceptor, Sylph Wind Bow, Grand Viper Staff;

Heart, Rena, Sign of the Lord, Lucky Coin.

Skin Uniria - Dinorant;
Effect lvl;
Bk combo effect;
The effect of the appearance of the character in the game;
Changed drop zen;

Set up Events and rewards for completing:
Blood Castle;
Devil Square;
Chaos Castle;
Illusion Temple;
castle deep;
Happy Hour;
Skeleton Knight (updated, added to the dungeon, info in the Guides);
red dragon;
golden dragon;
White wizard;

And there was a lot of work done, setting up drops from mobs, bosses, events, mini-events, drop zen, stones, exe items, more than 200 quests were added, spots were reconfigured, bosses were redone, in general, there is something to please, but unfortunately the list was not kept , but the work continues, and we will try to record everything that we have done.

Join us, come in and take part with us in creating a dream server!

Interesting information can be found here -

Please, if you find a bug or have suggestions for the server, write to us in the discord:
Discord: Eredas#0658

How many lives have you taken in the war
War how much blood you shed
War you took everything sacred
War, you unlocked the gates of the devil

War gave birth to cruelty
The war is overgrown with sins
The war did not bring good
People don"t want war
War you are someone"s only GAME!

2022-04-05 19:30


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