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Blood Castle
Start In 51m 34s

Devil Square
Start In 21m 34s

Illusion Temple
Start In 05h 41m 34s

Chaos Castle
Start In 01h 21m 34s

Castle Deep
Start In 04h 21m 34s

Happy Hour
Start In 05h 21m 34s

Start In 2d 07h 21m 34s

Skeleton King
Start In 03h 11m 34s

Red Dragon
Start In 01h 31m 34s

White Wizard
Start In 01h 07m 34s

Pouch of Blessing
Start In 06h 08m 34s

Lunar Rabbit
Start In 07h 08m 34s

Fire Flame Ghost
Start In 08h 08m 34s

Start In 07h 36m 34s

Golden Invasion
Start In 01h 33m 34s

Great Golden Dragon
Start In 23h 06m 34s

Moss Merchant
Start In 05h 21m 34s

Illusions of Kundun 1
Start In 01h 55m 34s

Illusions of Kundun 2
Start In 03h 55m 34s

Illusions of Kundun 3
Start In 03h 55m 34s

Illusions of Kundun 4
Start In 05h 55m 34s

Illusions of Kundun 5
Start In 03h 55m 34s

Illusions of Kundun 6
Start In 05h 55m 34s

Kundun [Kalima 7]
Start In 06h 51m 34s

Zaikan [Tarkan 2]
Start In 05h 16m 34s

Putin Huylo [Lorencia]
Start In 02h 37m 34s

Golden Dark Knight [Dungeon]
Start In 02h 44m 34s

Golden Devil [LostTower]
Start In 02h 44m 34s

Golden Stone Golem [Aida]
Start In 02h 44m 34s

Golden Rabbit [Tarkan]
Start In 02h 44m 34s

Kill Marauder
Start In 07h 44m 34s

Team vs Team
Start In 05h 51m 34s

Lord Silvester
Start In 09h 11m 34s

Lord of Ferea
Start In 10h 11m 34s


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Max Stats: 32767
DL CMD Stats: 32767
Server: Season 3 Exclusive
Points Per Level: 5/7
Server Exp: x35
Item Drop: 25%
Zen Drop: 10%

Excellent Scroll of Meteorite
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private server

private server
private server

private server

private server

Ukrainian server opening 04/23/2022

Ukrainian server opening 04/23/2022


1. Server administration
1.1. Administration never will write you in PM or in friend chat in game. And in General does not contact you in the game it. The instructions of the Administration are binding.
If the player does not agree with the actions of the Administration, he must follow the following order:
- Follow the instructions of the Administration. - In accordance with the established procedure to appeal the actions of the member of the Administration
1.2. With the appearance of a member of the Administration about any of the players, the players are obliged to cease all hostilities if they were not to resume them until, until the representative of the Administration will not go away. The penalty - from 30 minutes chat ban, the removal of the lvl to the first level.
1.3. Flood is prohibited in the attitude of the Administration. The penalty - from 30 minutes chat ban, the removal of the lvl to the first level.
1.4. Against the administration of prohibited insults, threats, any public comments of their actions/inactions both in the game and on the forum. Punishment - from 60 minutes chat ban, the removal of the lvl to the first level of TP in the nearest city, boring things, right up to blocking your account (ban 3 days on the forum and in the game).

2. Rules for creating characters.
2.1. It is forbidden to use names and their variations: Administrator, Admin, GM, Counselor, Support, Punishment - block account.
2.2. Do not use the character names, degrading other players or including not standard lexicon, as well as deliberate use of another's names. The penalty is imprisonment up to the deletion of the account.
2.3. Restore characters that were deleted for violations or accidentally deleted by the player is individually.
2.4. Lost property (lost except for obvious fault the GMS) are not restored.
2.5. Passwords and accounts lost or forgotten are not restored.
2.6. The owner of the registration mailbox for the account - is the owner of this account!

3. Communication, gameplay.
3.1. It is forbidden to leave the character in public places on the voice macros or flood.
Under speech macro (flood) means the constant repetition of one phrase more often than once in 30 seconds. Punishment: disconnection from the server (logout), moving the character in a random place on the choice of the Administration, a ban from chat for 30 minutes, removing the lvl to the first level.
3.2. Prohibited in the game (the forum) to use a Mat or insulting other players remarks and veiled and condensed Mat Punishment for a mate in a Post in 60 minutes. for Matt in General from 40 minutes. For insult parents, from 60 minutes. ( On forum and in game ban account from 1st day, until the removal of the account and the account in the game. ) . (Private, Clan, Alliance chats are not considered.)
3.2.1. Banned in game (or forum) advertising third-party projects as openly and covertly. (Titles, signatures, etc.)) Punishment: Ban account.
3.2.2. Prohibited from in game (forum) advertise any services, sites, objects. Punishment: Ban account.
3.2.3. It is forbidden to create and use a casino(from users). Punishment - jail/ban of account.
3.3. It is forbidden to buy and sell game money and items for real money or virtual units of payment systems (wmz, wmr, etc.). Punishment - from confiscation of all property, up to removal of accounts of the seller and the buyer.
3.4. Sale of accounts for real money or virtual units of payment systems (wmz, wmr, etc.) is prohibited. Punishment-up to the removal of the account.
3.5. Unauthorized access to accounts of other players is prohibited Punishment-ban on iron
3.6. Theft of accounts and items of the game world is prohibited. Punishment-ban on iron

4. Programs.
4.1. Prohibited the use of programs that are not provided in the Files section of the website for the natural functioning of the game the Punishment is up to the infringer at the discretion of the Administration.
4.2. It is forbidden to use any programs that interfere with the operation of the server, to some extent. Punishment - lock account.

5. The use of server errors (bugs). 5.1. Prednamerennoe change skills, stats and other parameters of the character without the material and time costs established by the rules of the server, the duplication of items in the game, leveling skills and castes of magic through a wall or closed door (except the magic zone causing damage), is called using a bug.
5.2. The use of bugs is strictly prohibited. Punishment - from 2000 minutes to ban chat, the removal of the lvl to the first level of TP in a prison term of up to 30 days.
5.3. It is forbidden to tell anyone about detected by yourself, or seen as they use someone else bugs, except the Administration of the server. The penalty for non-performance - from 300 min chat ban, the removal of the lvl to the first level to ban the account.

6. The Support Of The Administration.
6.1. Server administration encourages all players not only to follow the rules of the Server but also to help restore order. If you have witnessed a crime - attach a screenshot confirming this fact(send screenshots to *.jpg or *.rar format), on forum in appropriate section.
6.2. Help in solving serious crimes, the surrender of new bugs is financially encouraged.
6.3. Intentional introduction of server Administration misleading and / or slandering other players. Punishment - from 2000 minutes of chat ban to ban your account without right to recover.

7. Tournaments and events.
7.1. General rules for all tournaments and events:
7.1.1. Banned: flood (except for Post, chat, attacks, murders, cast the spells, cast spells lowering stats of players, cast Pets and creatures. Except when they are required to participate in a tournament/event. Punishment – from 60 minutes to ban chat, TP to the nearest town.
7.1.2. On ANY tournament going on you must come fully prepared in accordance with the stated in Post chat exclusively with representatives of the Administration. During a tournament/event GM does not issue and does not fix things, etc. Players who have not claimed for the tournament/event things, teleport to the nearest town, without the right of participation in this tournament/event.
7.1.3. Only one character/game window is allowed to come to events/tournaments. Punishment - 1 lvl, ban account from 24 hours, up to a lifetime ban account.
7.2. For various types of tournaments and quests Administration can be developed different from the General rules, which are announced immediately before the events on the server forum or the game.

8. Aggravating circumstance.
8.1. Aggravating circumstances include :
- Violation of the Rules of the server a group of players.
- Repeated violation of the Rules of the server one player.
- The attempted deception of the Administration or introduction of the Administration astray.
- An attempt to hide from the Administration bugs or try to "bargain" for their own game and not only good.
When determining the term of punishment for a relapse, the standard term of punishment is increased by two or more times until the account is deleted.
8.2. The server administration reserves the right to make any decisions, regardless of the previously agreed and established rules, regulations, announcements and other news. The administration reserves the right to delete or block any account or thing on the server and so same on forum without explanations causes their action.

Do you agree to Rules/TOS ?

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